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Winter Garden Landscaping Magic

Garden Landscaping Should Have Personal Touches

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Winter gardens needn’t be devoid of charm, character and aesthetic appeal.

Far too many people don't get involved with garden landscaping, what is worse is that even more people see their garden as a summer space so that means as soon as the clocks change and darkness descends earlier the space outside their property falls to rack and ruin, beloved by no one in the family until the warm sun bakes it again.

This space is essentially another room on the property and if your children want to play in this safe area then it must be appropriately landscaped.

Kids can’t play football in a river of mud without incurring a parent’s wrath about trailing mud throughout the house and they can’t trampoline if the route to the facilities is impassable.

Should your little ones want to spend time in a tree house or garden house with friends, away from the grown ups, but can’t because they’ll drown in a sea of leaves and slide on slimy concrete to get there, where is the allure? Who can blame them for “I’m bored!” when half their pastimes are ruled out?

How will the journey to the shed or man/woman cave be accomplished without modifications?

We know there’s a better way and the solution lies with the landscaping materials you choose.

Gravel is excellent for drainage, is easy on the eye and inexpensive. Plus, as a winter bonus it adds to the safety of paths and driveways because ice and frost doesn’t form in to a sheet of slippery, compacted and immovable danger. Gravel moves and makes slipping and falling less likely.

A couple of stone and gravel examples are:

Cotswold Chippings

  • In 20mm these are a stock item.
  • 14mm size needs a special order.
  • Slightly crumbly.
  • Angular.
  • Natural.
  • Available in bulk bags.

Moonstone Gravel

  • This is Thames Valley Flint.
  • Available in 10mm and 20mm. (10mm features less brown.)
  • Combination of black, white, brown and beige stones.
  • Highly attractive.
  • Excellent driveway and path landscaping material.
  • Durable.

Slip on paving stones, concrete and asphalt or walk on stone and gravel. Which would you prefer?

We also recommend quality artificial grass products from Namgrass, with prices from £11.99 to £34.99 per metre squared and with at least a 10 year warranty.

An investment in this low maintenance, property value friendly and appearance enhancing landscaping material is a safe and sensible one.

An example of their mid range products is below:

  • Green Vision is a light to mid green.
  • £21.99 per metre squared.
  • 30mm fibres.
  • Hardwearing, soft and attractive.
  • Excellent for lawns, play areas, sports grounds, balconies and roof spaces.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Fabulous value for money.

This will make winter play a lot easier for your little darlings.

No mowing, no seeding, no bald spots or boggy patches, just a delightfully green functional and attractive exterior space.

Have a chat with us about your winter landscaping materials. We’d love to help you get involved with garden landscaping.

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