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Succulents Success

Gravel Landscaping for Succulent Beds

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Picture of Succulent Planted in Gravel

Designing a succulent bed couldn’t be simpler, all you need is a little know-how and a few hours to spare. Succulents don’t mind if you’re not an attentive gardener which is why they are so popular.

What is a succulent?

Of the multitudinous succulents available, you’re probably most aware of cacti, sedum, echeveria, agave and aloe plants. The aloe alone has over 500 species.

These plants are tough. They can survive in arid conditions, poor soil, on mountainsides and rockfaces. Their leaves are noticeably fleshy and are instrumental in retaining water. Leaves tend to be compact and are normally in a closely assembled mass, resembling a cushion or cabbage. Stems are designed for moisture retention too.

Leaves also feature waxy, hairy, or spine laden surfaces (cacti’s areoles) to reduce air flow around them, and roots which sit close to the ground level. Succulents roots can draw in moisture from a heavy dew. Ornate, structurally striking displays are guaranteed with succulents.

Where do they enjoy being planted?

For the best results ensure that they are placed in brightly lit positions.

You can design your bed and plant early, succulents don’t mind a little cool air. Through winter they only need watering once a month. In spring and summer, as they grow, succulents appreciate generous occasional watering and soil should be allowed to almost dry out between soakings.

Succulent roots hate being soggy. An easy way to tell if succulents are being overwatered is through their leaves, they will become soft and turn white-yellow. Underwatered succulents tend to shed leaves to survive. Rainwater is preferable to tap water which means nature could complete your maintenance task for you.

Excellent drainage is a must

Landscaping materials specialists like our teams in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham know that gravel is the perfect choice for functionality and aesthetics with succulents.

For pots, planters, rockeries and beds, attractive gravels can be placed over the soil and around the plants to aid control of moisture levels. Designs considering existing landscaping materials colours, sizes and textures can create a pleasing overall effect which represents your tastes.

As leading gravel suppliers, Rivar Sand and Gravel are proud to recommend local gravels including the Thames Valley flint Moonstone and Toffee gravels, vibrant Devon Pink and Green Basalt and the traditional buff-yellow South Cerney Gravel.

We believe that we have a gravel for everyone.

Moonstone Gravel:

  • Thames Valley Flint.
  • Black, white, brown and grey 10mm/20mm angular chippings.
  • The 10mm features less brown.
  • Has a contemporary, monochrome feel.
  • Available in 10mm or 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

South Cerney Gravel:

  • 20-5mm locally quarried gravel which forms a serene backdrop for succulents.
  • Buff-yellow and semi rounded chippings.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

Devon Pink:

  • 14mm limestone soft pink chippings.
  • Angular, hard wearing and appealing. Contrasts with hot reds and deep greens of succulents.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags of 900kg and 25kg bags.

We have many more gravels to appreciate so why not call in and have a chat with us about succulent success?

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