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Remin Rock Dust, a boost for your garden

Remin Rock Dust, a boost for your garden

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Rock Dust


…..What is Rock Dust?

Basically it is an organic soil and compost remineraliser that can be used in garden and allotments to breathe life back into your plants, and give your vegetable patch a boost.

Minerals are the smallest components in our soil, and are in decline. Adding these minerals back in creates stronger, healthier plants that are less susceptible to pests and diseases, give better yield, colour and flavour. Gardeners and allotmenteers have also noticed a significant reduction in pests and diseases after they introduced Rock Dust to the soil which is a massive plus!

It is so simple to add Rock Dust to your garden and allotment, sprinkle on or water in, it really is as simple as that. This natural and organic addition to your soil and compost really does give your garden a healthy boost that the plants will love. 

Available in a 20kg bag with complete instructions, why not give it a go and see how well your garden grows this year!

These are the instructions from Remin on how to use Rock Dust in your soil and compost -

TOP DRESSING: Spread at any time of year unless frozen or windy conditions.

Minimum: 0.5kg / m² (good handful / square yard) = 2tonnes / acre

Booster: 2kg / m² = 8tonnes / acre

MIXING: Mix well with compost / soil at 1kg per 50Litres of compost. Do not inhale.

PLANT POTS, TUBS, BASKETS: Sprinkle level tablespoonful onto 15cm (6inch) surface diameter of compost or soil and water in as usual. Two applications per year.

WATERING IN: Put 1cm in eg empty 2lt milk container, fill with water. Shake, let settle and water. Refill. Lasts as long as water darkens. Please do not over water!

APPLICATION TO WORMERIES Worms love REMIN volcanic rock dust! Sprinkle small handful per 30cm² (1ft²) onto surface of your wormery every month. Try a small area with this amount and see the worms congregate.

APPLICATION FOR COMPOST Each time you add a new layer of compost to your compost bin or pile, add a light covering over the surface that you can easily see through. Helps gardening material break down into compost faster, reach a higher temperature and reduce odours.

STORAGE AND SAFETY: Store under cover. Do not apply in windy conditions.



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