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Create A Child Safe Garden

Child-Friendly Landscaping and Garden Supplies

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Child Friendly Landscaping Materials

For every parent and grandparent, the security of knowing that your little mischief makers can play safely in your garden is a must.

Whilst it can seem that children have superpowers of resilience, somehow are bouncier than adults and tend to accept falls and trips as part of the game of life, having the best landscaping materials for children installed is going to save tears and grazed knees.

According to childalert.co.uk 130000 children are injured in their gardens each year.

A BBC report found that the most frequent causes of accidents to all ages are lawnmower related but the humble plant pot was in 2nd place having caused 5300 incidents including cuts and falls.

At Rivar Sand and Gravel, we believe that exterior spaces should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and present no risk to the owner so, as lovely as some paving products, gravels and timber climbers are, their suitability in a play area is questionable.

It’s far better to install turf, sand, landscaping bark, even artificial turf (in cooler weather or in the shade.) You need something that the kids can throw themselves on without causing a visit to A&E but still looks appealing, is long lasting, cost effective and a top quality product.

That’s what we’re here for, to help you achieve your landscaping potential.

If you’re in any doubt about the safety levels, whether a preventative measure needs to be taken or if one product would be more practical compared to another, we have the experience, training and knowledge to ensure that all landscaping is perfect for your needs.

Call in to our garden centre Tadley, or our Newbury or Windlesham sites to talk to our friendly experts about landscaping bark, play sand and turf options. Don’t forget that if you have a water feature, pond or rill in your design scheme, you’ll need to cover the water to stop inquisitive little people from falling in.

As leading turf suppliers, we stock the hugely popular Classic Inturf at £3.70 per square metre, if you’re quick you may be able to purchase it at the offer price of £3.50 per square metre. It’s fine leaved, attractive and durable.

It’s imperative to lay topsoil before the turf; topsoil contains the nutrients your lawn requires to flourish and offer a lush springy feel underfoot.

Turf suppliers appreciate that it’s a false economy to forego the topsoil, so please don’t.

Artificial turf is hard wearing, low maintenance and looks nothing like greengrocers matting now but it can grow hot under the sun which isn’t ideal for children or pets.

Landscaping bark has excellent kerb appeal, it lasts for several years and kids love to play with it.

Supplied in bulk bags/jumbo sacks costing £73.00, the landscaping bark pieces are 35mm-60mm and the mixture contains 20% wood.It is from a sustainable source. Create a fairyland, lay landscaping bark beneath a treehouse or tent and watch the fun.

Take home many of the landscaping options from our garden centre Tadley or we’re happy to deliver to site.

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