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Turf and Topsoil Lawn Solutions

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Turf and Topsoil

Mother Nature has thrown all sorts of weather at us lately, she’s also thrown it at the landscape. She’s carried wrappers, bottles, sheets of old newspaper and the occasional cigarette butt on to your exterior property. None of these are alluring landscaping materials.

Your lawn needs help. It’s a home for sturdy weeds, leaf fall, petals and perhaps bird food from a feeder. You’ll be hard pressed to find a redeeming feature in your boggy, overgrown or bald patched relaxation area.

Here at Rivar Sand and Gravel we’ve got top grade cost effective Inturf Classic turf and topsoil by the bulk bag and loose.

We’re sure that you’ll be amazed at the appearance and longevity of the lawn landscaping materials. You can turn your lawn in to somewhere you want to spend time again.

  1. If you want any advice, please ask us. We don’t bite.
  2. You need adequate amounts of turf and topsoil. Our rolls are 1.65m length X 0.6m width. This covers 1 metre squared.
  3. You’ll require a few spare hours to lay it.
  4. Don’t forget to water it well.
  5. Don’t walk on a new lawn for a few weeks.

Please try to lay the turf within one day of delivery because the longer delay it experiences the more prone it is to drying out. If this cannot be done then you can roll the turf out flat and water it. It may turn yellow but it should restore itself to green when it has been laid properly.

Turf will establish itself happily on soil that is warm and damp. Please try to ensure that you don’t lay the lawn when there’s a threat of a hosepipe ban, your new turf will be thirsty for the early weeks as it takes root. Dehydration stress can kill turf so watering is essential.

  • When you make your landscaping materials purchase, stack the rolls of turf in a shady area.
  • Remove any old grass from soil, clearing debris if you haven’t already done this.
  • You can add topsoil to improve the quality of the soil without incurring great expense.
  • Fill holes and minimise lumps and bumps.
  • Fork over and rake so that the soil is level.
  • Make the soil firm by walking over it. Place your weight on your heels.
  • Rake again.
  • To strengthen the space sprinkle fertiliser on the soil and lightly rake it in.
  • Lay your first row of turf along a straight edge.
  • Slowly unroll it. Don’t rush or you may cause damage.
  • As you build the row, lay strips closely.
  • Tamp the strips, particularly each end. This means the strips can meld and that the base of the turf and topsoil can meet.
  • Lay the next row, again ensuring the strips are close. Stagger the joins.
  • Lay turf so it reaches beyond the area.
  • Trim the edges.
  • Place soil under the edges so that turf doesn’t dry.
  • Water generously and frequently.

That’s it. You have a desirable lawn again without spending a small fortune. Enjoy.

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