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Topsoil and Turf for Summer

Topsoil and Turf for A Verdant Summer Lawn

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Topsoil and Turf

You’ll soon be able to spend time in the outdoor room on your property. Summer is on its way.

You may barely have given your garden a second glance during winter storms, torrential rain and frost bitten dark mornings but now that we are officially in British Summer Time, it’s time to leap in to action.

As you seek landscaping materials to restore paths, driveways and patios to magnificence please don’t forget your lawn. It may look like a muddy patch with bare areas alternating with overly long blades, housing scattered rubbish and weeds which complete its lack of appeal, but you have the power to give your lawn space an overhaul so that you can use terms like:

  • Verdant
  • Lush
  • Vibrant
  • Luxurious
  • Sweet smelling in the dew
  • Springy
  • Fresh
  • And perfect…

to describe it. Yes, really. Suspend your disbelief if you need to!

When a packet of grass seeds just won’t deliver a sublime result, it’s time to think about laying new turf. We’re leading topsoil and turf providers and we’ll be invaluable to your lawn optimisation project.

Rivar Sand and Gravel’s teams in Tadley, Windlesham and Newbury are here to help you, novice to expert, from low budget to high spend projects and daunted to confident landscapers. Ask us as many questions as you wish, test our extensive knowledge and make an informed decision about landscaping materials, time saving products and any necessary preparation work.

You deserve a lawn and exterior space to be proud of, to delight in and to spend long summertime hours lounging, playing with children and socialising under the sun.

Topsoil and Turf

In the same way that you need good soil to achieve excellent results with plants, bushes and trees, you need to ensure that the lawn has sufficient nutrients and is of the best quality to encourage a healthy lawn.

As expert topsoil and turf providers, we know that a lawn’s potential can be hampered or maximised dependant on topsoil being used, or not. The topsoil allows stress free living for the lawn. It can eat, breathe and grow well and without costing you a fortune. In fact, laying a lawn without topsoil is tantamount to a bad investment.

Our topsoil is screened down to 15mm and is available loose or in half bulk and bulk bags. A half bulk bag of top quality topsoil costs just £33.50, a bulk bag is £55.25.

A hugely popular product with turf suppliers, professional and DIY landscapers is the Inturf Classic turf. It’s available in 1 metre squared rolls, is easy to lay and work with and the turf offers aesthetic appeal and longevity with every blade.

We often run offers, as all notable turf suppliers should, and the Inturf Classic is currently available at a lower than normal cost. Standard price is £3.70. If you’re lucky and act during this offer’s duration it’s only £3.50 per roll. Astounding!

Pop in, give us a call…we’re keen to help you achieve a lush lawn for summer 2017.

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