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Prepare Your Driveway For Winter

Winter Driveway Materials

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Winter Chippings for Driveways

Sorry to mention it, but have you thought about winter safety in your exterior spaces?

Your driveway and paths could be slip hazards which leave you in A&E.

Ice, snow, frost, leaves settling in cracks and corners and moss or slimy residue can compromise how well you can get around. Whilst commercial car parks make provision for bad weather by pre-ordering grit, there is often a distinct lack of forethought about driveways and paths in domestic spaces.

A wintery example: how many snow shovels are purchased after the first snowfall? We know the bad weather will happen but we ignore the possibility until it’s a stressful certainty. How many accidents could be avoided with preparation? 

Don’t be an accident statistic

Driveway chippings are exceptional value for money and offer safe transit on foot or via wheels.

You can benefit from excellent kerb appeal alongside functionality by using chippings for driveway products. The range of colours, textures, sizes and the ease of installation and low maintenance are considerable advantages.

Think of paving, concrete or tarmac, they’re level, offer a sheer surface and no grip. Meanwhile, gravel and driveway chippings crunch and move with you underfoot, are often angular and feel secure. 20mm chippings deliver greater purchase than 10mm because it’s harder to cover in ice, snow or frost and to compact.

At Rivar Sand and Gravel we can help you to select the most suitable driveway chippings from locally sourced products including Moonstone from the Thames Valley and South Cerney Gravel to White Dolomite and Flamingo from further afield. There’s a product to meet all budgets and tastes so allow your driveway chippings to display your personality.

We deliver loose chippings for driveways and 20mm half and full bulk bags to site with minimal fuss and top level service. If you need other landscaping materials, ancillary products or aggregates we supply these too. You also have the freedom to take the gravel away with you. We make landscaping easy from start to finish.

Moonstone Gravel:

  • Exquisite Thames Valley Flint in 10mm or 20mm.
  • Quarried in the Thatcham and Newbury areas.
  • Black, white, brown and grey chippings.
  • The 10mm features less brown.
  • Angular, dynamic, charming.
  • Durable.

Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

South Cerney Gravel:

  • 20-5mm gravel.
  • Buff-yellow semi rounded driveway chippings.
  • Travels less than fully angular gravel.
  • Usable almost anywhere.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

Flamingo Gravel:

  • 20mm attractive angular chips.
  • Blue, white, green and pink gravel.
  • Natural quartz content adds sparkle.
  • Perfect gravel for vivacious people.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, 25kg bags.

Cheshire Pink Gravel:

  • 20mm rounded stones.
  • Reds, plums, russets, greys, purples and browns.
  • Warm, inviting.
  • Offers longevity.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, 25kg bags.  

Browse our extensive chippings for driveways and gravel supplies options online and feel free to call in to our Newbury, Tadley or Windlesham depots, we’ll be delighted to help you keep safe with stylish driveway landscaping this winter.

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