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Path and Driveway Gravel Choices

Selecting Path and Driveway Gravel is Pleasing

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Path and Driveway Gravel

Gravel is a landscaping material which boasts endurance, economy and appeal that other materials can’t. In the space of a few hours an outdoor space can be transformed by installing gravel.

It comes in various natural colours, designed by Mother Nature herself, and in a variety of sizes and textures.

Choosing gravel for paths and driveway gravels is a pleasing process; you can let your imagination conjure up a number of schemes and themes.

Here are a few path and driveway gravel options:

South Cerney Gravel
In the opinion of the team of gravel experts at Rivar Sand and Gravel one of the most versatile and prestigious locally sourced gravels is South Cerney Gravel.

It’s got to be at the top of a list when choosing path and driveway gravel and also for mulching, edging and as a feature or to highlight a feature.

This gravel won’t crumble or lose its aesthetic appeal. It’s a rich buff colour, available in 10mm and 20-5mm sizes and in bulk gravel supplies or small orders for domestic projects. It’s an enduring and popular choice.

High on functionality, texture and attractiveness we can’t imagine anyone not being pleased with this locally sourced gravel product.

Green Basalt
If you prefer more colour then why not consider 20mm green basalt gravel? It is a deep dark green which won’t stand out glaringly but it does have its own chunky and angular personality. It’s hard wearing and can take a lot of traffic.

This product is available from us in bulk gravel supplies or small orders and you should be able to take 25kg bags away on the day of purchase if it’s a small order but it has a 7-10 day lead time for bulk orders of the 900kg bags.

Of course, there are other colour gravels available and one of the Rivar Sand and Gravel’s favourites is Flamingo. As driveway gravel we would say it’s not ideal but for pathways and mulching it is glorious. Comprised of pink, green, white and quartz this gravel sparkles and shines.

Just imagine when choosing gravel for paths how spectacular this one will look. The more sunlight that dances on it the more it will glisten and that is so satisfying.

Mother Nature added the twinkle; it’s not manmade so you’ll still be enjoying a 100% natural material. It comes as 20mm gravel in 25kg or 900kg bags and as with the green basalt there is a lead time for the 900kg of 7-10 days. Trust us, it’s worth the small wait.

Toffee Gravel
For a more traditional and genteel appearance why not take advantage of our brown gravels? We have toffee gravel in 10mm and 20mm and it is made from Thames Valley flint.

It’s perfect as driveway gravel. It looks, well, like toffee so if you have aspirations to have driveway gravel or a path that looks like a very delicious treat then this product will spark your imagination.

Rivar Sand and Gravel have a great assortment of path and driveway gravel to show you, why not pop in to your local depot?

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