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Local Gravel Offers Style And Functionality

​A Firm Favourite Local Gravel - South Cerney Gravel

South Cerney, Thames Valley Flint, Local Gravel, Landscaping Materials

Local Gravel and Landscaping Materials

Our range of local gravel products boasts character, natural shaping and colouring, different sizes and textures alongside durability and functionality.

Gravel is one of the least expensive landscaping materials and it’s perfect for novices and unenthusiastic gardeners or landscapers because it requires no great skill or time to install it and gravel doesn’t require too much attention, only minimal maintenance, during its lifetime.

Maybe you woke up this morning, drew open the curtains and found that your exterior space was looking drab. A quick trip to one of our depots, Windlesham, Tadley or Newbury, will allow you to enjoy a feast of local and non-local gravels and to select one or more to enhance your property.

You can take the product home with you, install it within hours and by dusk you’ll be able to smile when you look outside. Job done, space revitalised. What could be simpler or more charming?

Perhaps your path is becoming slippery as the temperatures plummet, gravel offers a foothold which paving and concrete don’t, so for safety you can get a bulk bag of gravel and lay it 2 inches or so thick and have confidence that your feet won’t slip and slide to the car or out of your gate.

Of course, local gravel makes excellent landscaping materials because they belong, they’ve been nurtured by Mother Nature and time and compliment the wider landscape having been quarried from it.

Here are two ideas for natural looking, traditional and hugely appealing local gravel from our team of experts at Rivar Sand and Gravel. Remember, these products work well with other landscaping materials to enliven the exterior of a property, mark out a feature or as a mulch.

One of the most prestigious locally sourced gravels is South Cerney Gravel. It’s an excellent multi tasker of a gravel.You can use it for paths, driveways, mulching, edging and as a feature or to highlight a feature.

South Cerney Gravel is available in 10mm and 20-5mm sizes, it’s a delicious buff colour, offers maximised functionality and its very pleasing to the eye. We could call South Cerney Gravel a people pleaser. Few people can resist it.

We confess! Our team loves the Thames Valley Flint products. There’s toffee gravel, brown gravel and Moonstone Gravel to choose from and each offers vibrancy and elegance.

Toffee and brown are supplied in 10mm and 20mm sizes. These are welcomingly rich in tone and texture. Thames Valley Flint is extremely hard wearing so it’s perfect for paths and driveways.

The Moonstone Gravel flies from our shelves because it features white, black, grey and brown stones which can be used virtually anywhere and melt in to or contrast with the existing landscaping materials.

Moonstone Gravel is robust and able to bear the weight of vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

We are proud to stock local gravel at Rivar Sand and Gravel and we’d be delighted to help you discover a locally sourced visually appealing and functional product for your outdoor space.

Locations we cover:

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