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Gravel Logistics Made Simple

We Make Landscaping Easy With Delivery Services

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When you create a garden or landscaping design in your mind’s eye there is no bulk attached to the sea of gravel you imagine on paths, around features or on a driveway. The gravel is just magically there, installed, pleasing to the eye and with no backache or logistical issues to tackle. Reality hits but there is a simple solution, ask us about gravel delivery and labour-saving extras.

At Rivar Sand and Gravel we are delighted to offer the highest levels of customer service, expertise and products. Part of this complete package is gravel delivery. Rest assured that when you need aggregates, paving, turf, membrane, gravel framework and timber, we deliver these items to you. We’re here to help you achieve your landscaping vision efficiently, cost effectively and conveniently.

The alternatives, using your own vehicle, hiring one or struggling home on the bus or on foot certainly don’t have the appeal of our gravel delivery service. We take the strain so that you don’t have to. Isn’t your project meant to be fun rather than a form of punishment for having a creative concept? You have enough to do without hauling bulk bags of gravel around and possibly injuring yourself as you go. Don’t take the risk.

Decorative and functional gravels can be supplied loose, in 20mm gravel bulk bags of 900kg, half bulk bags at 450kg and many gravel options have 25kg bags for smaller projects and future top-ups.

Core Drive is a framework product available in connectable 1200mm X 800mm sheets, it holds the gravel in pods so it remains tidy. A weed membrane is attached to the bottom of each sheet. This product can easily be delivered and it saves you from avoidable maintenance tasks.

Gravel is:

  • Naturally formed.
  • Every piece is unique.
  • It reflects personalities.
  • Is a pocket friendly solution.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • A variety of textures and colours to choose from.
  • Versatile and functional.
  • Enduring, value for money.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance.
  • Delivers winter grip underfoot and under vehicle.
  • Offers excellent drainage.

Where can gravel be used?

  • Paths.
  • Driveways.
  • Barbeque/entertaining/communal areas.
  • Courtyards.
  • Flowerbeds, pots and borders.
  • Zen garden.
  • With succulents.
  • To highlight features.
  • To cover manhole covers.
  • Around ponds.

Here’s a couple of our team’s favourite locally quarried loose and 20mm gravel bulk bag options:

Toffee Gravel:

  • 20mm Thames Valley Flint.
  • Brown, white and toffee coloured mix of gravel.
  • Rich and warming tones.
  • Enduring, functional and value for money.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags or loose.

Moonstone Gravel:

  • Thames Valley Flint gravel at 20mm.
  • Quarried around Thatcham and Newbury.
  • Eye-catching black, white, brown and grey chippings.
  • Reflects personality.
  • Ideal for monochrome schemes.
  • Stylish.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

South Cerney Gravel:

  • 20-5mm gravel.
  • Buff-yellow.
  • South Cerney Gravel’s semi rounded shape travels less than angular gravel.
  • Amazing versatility.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

Please pop in to our sites at Windlesham, Newbury or Tadley. We’ll be happy to help you tackle the functionality, aesthetics and logistics associated with your landscaping choices.

Locations we cover:

(From our Hare Hatch Depot:) Reading, Twyford, Henley, Peppard, Kidmore End, Sonning Common, Shiplake, Wargrave, Sonning, Maidenhead, Marlow, Holyport, Windsor, Bray, Binfield

(From our Thatcham Depot:) Pangbourne, Theale, Bradfield, Padworth, Beenham, Aldermaston, Woolhampton, Bucklebury, Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, Kintbury

(From our Tadley Depot:) Basingstoke, Tadley, Oakley, Baughurst, Chineham, Hook, Kingsclere, Headley, Yateley, Hartley Wintney, Heckfield, Basing, Wasing, Whitchurch, Overton, Litchfield

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