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Fall In Love With Sandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving Comes In A Variety Of Colours

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Sandstone Paving Supplier

Sandstone is a landscaping material that always captivates, thanks to its uniqueness, beauty and longevity. Every product is of optimum quality, exceptional value and aesthetically, sandstone is a difficult landscaping material to outperform. Mother Nature is an excellent designer.

Whether you want to provide your exterior space with a sublime sandstone paving base or make a feature by installing sandstone slabs in spinning or Aztec design circles, the team at Rivar Sand and Gravel has never seen two pieces of identical sandstone so it will be exclusive to you.

The science bit...

  • Sandstone is clastic which means that it’s formed from minerals and rock debris.
  • It is sedimentary and porous. Sandstone is comprised of medium sized grains.
  • It is also called an Arenite. Arenites are “clean,” this means that they have below 15% matrix (clay) content compared to Wacke sandstones that are “dirty” and have a greater clay content. These definitions are derived from the Dott Scale.
  • When the sandstone is cut down or cross-sectioned it often features mineral rings which are call Liesegang rings or bands. It’s not entirely clear what occurs to produce them but they are integral to sandstone’s breath-taking appearance.
  • Quartz and fledspar are commonly found in sandstone, they’re present in the Earth’s crust. Feldspar makes up to 60% of the crust.
  • Sandstone’s colouring is usually shades of reds, oranges, browns and pinks with black or white layers. Indian sandstone also offers green hued options.

We stock a delightful range of leading suppliers like Global Stone, and our own sandstone paving products which we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Below you’ll find details of some popular choices.

Rivar’s mint 2.6 metre diameter spinning circle.

  • Costs an amazing £365.
  • Produced by Rivar Sand and Gravel.
  • Sourced directly from India.
  • Ethically sourced.
  • Unique patterns.
  • Top quality.
  • Durable.
  • Lightly riven surface to maximise appeal.

Global Stone’s Artisan Mirage Aurora sandstone slabs.

  • Its pink, beige, plum and buff tones are enchanting.
  • Project packs cover 13.65 metres squared.
  • Costs just £610.
  • Contemporary and stylish paving you’ll adore for years.
  • It can be used to unify interior and exterior spaces.

Global Stone’s Artisan Mirage in York Green sandstone paving.

  • Costs £427.05 for a 7.3 metre squared mixed sandstone slab project pack.
  • It offers a classic and perennially pleasing appearance.
  • It’s elegant, unique and hard wearing.
  • Ideal to add continuity from indoors to outside spaces.
  • Castle grey and mint are alternative colour options.

Global Stone also produce a Modak rose 2.8 metre diameter circle.

  • Indian sandstone slabs.
  • Ethically sourced.
  • Rich reds, pinks and brown shades.
  • One centre circle and three outer rings.
  • An outstanding feature and/or focal point for just £435.
  • A gratifying investment.

Stonemarket’s Cordara Indian sandstone paving in Nordic Ash.

  • Extremely hard wearing quartzitic sandstone paving.
  • Pack size covers 10 metres squared in 1000 x 200 sandstone slabs.
  • Costs £895 per pack.
  • Light textured sawn surface.
  • Linear cut to resemble wood.
  • Available in Iberian Oak.

If sandstone paving appeals to you, why not pop in and marvel at our products?

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