Caring for Your Turf After Moles Visit

Caring for Your Turf After Moles Visit

Turf and Topsoil, Garden Maintenance and Care, Repairing Mole Damage

Picture of a Mole in a Garden

Garden repairs may not fill you with joy, but they are essential. Never more so than when you have experienced moles beneath your lawn. Even one marauding mole can cause health and safety risks thanks to their tunnelling in search of food and molehill creation.

Moles aren’t aiming to drive you beyond the edge of reason, they are just very good at tunnelling and have a strong work ethic. They use their large front paws to clear earth ahead of them and feel their way in the dark using their whiskers and snout because their eyesight is poor. You will rarely see the mole above ground during daylight hours.

You, your pets or lawnmower could discover their handiwork. It is not uncommon for people and pets to twist their ankles or trip on molehills or for mowers to experience damage from stones thrown up during a molehill’s creation. Grass roots will also be exposed.

When the moles have gone, it’s up to you, with our help, to restore order. So, if your turf is suffering after a mole visit, here’s how you can effectively repair the turf and topsoil damage in five easy steps:

  1. Examine your lawn to determine how deep holes and tunnels are and how much turf needs to be replaced. Collapse the molehills so that the lawn is level again.
  2. Call in to your local Rivar Sand and Gravel (Hare Hatch, Tadley, Windlesham or Newbury) and chat to them about your turf and topsoil needs. Yes, you could use grass seeds, but this won’t deliver an instant result and birds may enjoy the “food” you’ve left for them on the ground. (Larger amounts of topsoil are held in stock at our Windlesham and Newbury sites.)
  3. Topsoil should be poured in to the tunnels to block them and to repair integrity. If there are any moles in the neighbourhood the tunnel won’t tempt them. There’s no ventilation or underground path to follow.
  4. Sprinkle the nutrient rich topsoil on any areas which are to receive fresh turf as part of your garden repairs.
  5. Lay the turf to cover damage. Water in. This turf and topsoil combination will create strong roots and aid blending with existing turf. Time for a cuppa; job done.

How much will your topsoil and turf cost?

We bring you the highest quality products at competitive prices. You’ll never pay an exorbitant price for landscaping and horticultural materials, which is a relief as you can’t invoice the mole for the repairs.

  • A half bulk bag of topsoil costs: £33.50.
  • A bulk bag of topsoil costs: £56.00.
  • 1 metre squared of turf costs: £4.20.


Our advice, time and exceptional customer service is always willingly given and free.

We supply Inturf Classic natural turf, a firm favourite with customers and our team. It is fine leaved, durable, verdant and versatile. To ensure freshness we cut to order. Enjoy delivery or you can often take your purchase away with you.

Don’t despair, we’re here to help you after a nuisance mole attack.

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