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Gravel Suppliers Love Cotswold Chippings

What Makes Cotswold Chippings So Irresistible?

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Picture of Cotswold Chippings

Gravel is perfect for a traditional pathway and so much more.

When a high quality local product like Cotswold Chippings is chosen for landscaping it acts as a wonderful backdrop to planting whilst offering a stylish, timeless feel. Cotswold Chippings are angular buff-yellow 20mm chippings which are slightly crumbly and irresistible for many.

The gravel suppliers in our Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham bases love Cotswold Chippings and our other gravels for their cost effectiveness, functionality and aesthetic appeal. We believe that gravel is one of the most flexible materials for various applications including:

  • Gravel pathways.
  • Driveways. (Some products are more robust than others.)
  • Outdoor kitchen/barbeque spaces.
  • Entertaining/communal areas.
  • Mulch for flowerbeds, pots and borders.
  • In a zen garden.
  • For succulents.
  • To surround water features, statues, ornamental items.
  • As a feature.
  • To cover manhole covers and drainage pipes.
  • Around ponds.

If you crave contrasts and vibrant colour themes then you have many choices. 20mm Flamingo is white, blue, green, pink and sparkles thanks to its quartz content, the 10mm and 20mm Moonstone Gravels are black and white with hints of brown and grey. Cheshire Pink is a blend of pinks, reds and purples.

What makes gravels like Cotswold Chippings such an excellent choice for landscapers?Well, as proud local gravel suppliers we’d say that gravel is…

  • Naturally honed.
  • Every chip is unique.
  • Attractive. Kerb appeal is maximised.
  • Gravel products reflect personalities, from traditional colours to vibrant or sparkling stones, or for particular colour enthusiasts.
  • Cost effective landscaping solution.
  • Available in different sizes, textures and shapes.
  • Excellent investment because the gravel lasts for years.
  • Is perfect for any level of expertise to install.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Gives grip underfoot and under vehicle in bad weather.

Cotswold Chipping’s uses beyond charming gravel pathways

  • Urban garden design is about making the most of your city or town based home’s outdoor space. Capacity is limited but the imagination needn’t be. These gardens are often biased towards the vertical and whether there’s room for a few mulched containers or a courtyard gravel seating area, speak to our expert gravel suppliers about enhancing your exterior area elegantly and economically with a gravel to meet your tastes and requirements. Roof gardens are increasingly popular and gravel can enliven these immeasurably.
  • The Japanese zen garden, also called a rock garden or dry garden, is gravel and stone dominated with planting that makes an impact. The raked gravel suggests water and is often a metaphor for life’s journey. Zen gardens inspire reflection and relaxation. There is nothing informal about these gardens, it takes work to make the scene appear naturally produced.
  • Succulent plants are often ornate. They store water in their fleshy leaves so gravel is an ideal drainage material for them. They enjoy the sparsest terrain and can survive chilling temperatures, but they hate having wet roots.

Loose, bulk, half bulk bags or 25kg gravel supplies can be taken away to site immediately or you can have them conveniently delivered.

We’re your leading Cotswold Chippings and gravel suppliers so please pop in today.

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