Hedgehog Awareness Week

Hedgehog Awareness Week Approaches

Hedgehog Awareness week for 2016 is coming up on the week commencing the 1st May and the main focus for the week is bringing to light the problems hedgehogs face but also aims to show how the public can help.

25 Apr
Rivar Sand and Gravel

A Final Farewell to Windlesham's Old Depot

On the 4th of April, Rivar Sand and Gravel gave its final farewell to the old Hilliers Garden Centre on London Road and moved to Within Wyevale Garden Centre on London Road.

06 Apr
Rivar Wyevale Centre

Windlesham's New Depot is Almost Ready

The move, which is actually only down the road, is due to take place on the 4th April and will see our new depot open with this fantastic paving display, which really showcases our entire paving range.

30 Mar
Rock Salt Winter Grit

Rock Salt Used as a Weed Killer

A short while back, we had a customer at our Newbury depot making a purchase of Rock Salt which ordinarily is used in cold conditions and in the winter to combat the icy conditions associated with these times. This admittedly had us confused as the weather was neither cold nor icy, in fact it was the exact opposite.

22 Jan