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How’s the Turf in Your Outdoor Room?

Local turf suppliers with experience and knowledge

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Local Turf Suppliers

As your local turf suppliers, we know that some lawns are ornamental, manicured to perfection and take hours to tend to whilst others are designed with function in mind, from parking the car to housing bikes, paddling pools and pet paraphernalia.

Another group of lawns are left to become a dumping ground for debris and rubbish, featuring an astonishing array of bald spots, sprawling weeds, jungle tall blades and deep divots or they die, unloved.

If your turf falls in to the last two categories why not give it a spruce up ready for the school break. You may even enjoy having a tidy lawn to host parties and barbeques. Gain a sense of turf pride and show off to the neighbours!

Turf battles on through all weathers from frost to sun baked heatwaves. Unlike most landscaping materials, this one needs a little help to flourish. Why? It’s alive and needs to be kept alive. 

Your Local Turf Suppliers

Rivar Sand and Gravel are proud local turf suppliers and we only stock the best products so that when you lay turf from our Windlesham, Newbury or Tadley premises you know that it will meet demands, is healthy and cost effective.

We have several years of experience, training, retailing, landscaping and customer service skills at our disposal and we’re highly motivated to help you achieve your dream outdoor space.

Installing soft and springy turf, verdant, sweet smelling and welcoming to laze or play on is not a costly or time-consuming project and it helps with play safety and aesthetic appeal.

Yes, grass seed is one option but by the time you see a lush lawn, summer will be fading in to autumn. You need a more satisfactory and swift result.

Either a part installation or a total area coverage with new turf is perfect.


Turf and topsoil are essential for a healthy lawn

Could you look summery and glorious if you weren’t correctly nourished and hydrated? Leaving fresh topsoil out of an installation is to subject your turf to stress. The old soil could be bereft of nutrition and nothing relishes a struggle to survive.

Turf and topsoil should be used in conjunction for optimum health, lifespan and productivity.

The turf suppliers in our depots are happy to cut rolls to size, strive to maximise turf freshness, and will deliver to site or you can take the turf away with you.


Project costs are less than you may think

Inturf Classic turf is a favourite with customers for domestic and commercial landscaping materials purchases. Usually available at a pocket friendly cost of £3.70, we currently have an offer on this product so it’s just £3.50 per metre squared. What more incentive do you need?

Our excellent topsoil is screened down to 15mm. One half bulk bag costs £33.50, a bulk bag is £55.25.

Your exterior spaces don’t need to suffer from turf trauma. We’re ready to help you with the turf and topsoil for your full lawn or patchwork installation. Call in today.

Locations we cover:

(From our Hare Hatch Depot:) Reading, Twyford, Henley, Peppard, Kidmore End, Sonning Common, Shiplake, Wargrave, Sonning, Maidenhead, Marlow, Holyport, Windsor, Bray, Binfield

(From our Thatcham Depot:) Pangbourne, Theale, Bradfield, Padworth, Beenham, Aldermaston, Woolhampton, Bucklebury, Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, Kintbury

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(From our Windlesham Depot:) Ascot, Binfield, Bracknell, Wokingham, Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Egham, Staines, Windlesham, Bagshot, Camberley

and everywhere in between...