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Porcelain Paving in Maidenhead and Bray

Porcelain may sound like a fragile option for paving stones but you’ll be surprised at just how durable porcelain paving is. Typically, fired at higher temperatures than other types of paving, porcelain tiles are extremely strong and long-lasting.
In fact, they can outlast most other types of paving, making them the ideal option for outdoor paving. In addition to their durability, porcelain paving tiles tend to come out top when in terms of aesthetics too.
There are a wide range of finishes, so porcelain paving tiles will complement any environment. Whether you’re installing a minimal, modern garden feature, creating a more usable outdoor space or simply adding a defined pathway to your garden, porcelain paving tiles are the obvious choice.


Installing Porcelain Paving Tiles

When compared to other paving materials, porcelain tiles require relatively little maintenance. Often, other types of paving tiles require regularly treatments to prevent them from absorbing too much water and becoming uneven. With porcelain, however, the tiles are more resistant to weather conditions. As well as being less porous than other materials, the surface of porcelain tiles are less likely to be stained by bad weather and won’t fade as quickly as other paving options.
Generally featuring rectified edges, the installation of porcelain tiles is relatively easy and straightforward. With colour-matched grouting available, you can create a seamless finish or opt for a contrasting visual to offset the design.
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