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What's Involved In A Patio Construction

What's Involved In A Patio Construction

In brief when laying a patio, you will dig out the area to be paved to a depth of 5 inches. A base of 3 inches of scalpings will be laid and compacted. Getting the base level and compacted so your patio will not sink later is very important. A sand cement mix is then laid on this bed. We recommend that you lay paving on a full bed of sand and cement rather than on spots. If you are laying natural stone it is essential that you use a full bed of wet mortar.

Some of the latest natural stone paving are best laid using white cement. Please refer to suppliers brochures for which products require this, or call our sales office for assistance.

When setting your patio level, if you are up against your house try to keep the level of your patio 2 bricks below damp course level. It is also good practise to leave a thin gravel drain between your house and the beginning of your patio rather than pave up against the walls.

If you are looking to lay down a block pave patio or drive, this video may help:


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