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Keeping My Patio Clean?

Keeping My Patio Clean?

Be careful of cleaning products that may contain an acid based cleaner. These can effect natural stone especially limestone. 

Regardless of the paving and cleaning product being used, we always recommend you do a small trial area before a large are of the patio is worked on.

For most patios a medium power jet wash will be adequate for removing green algae and dirt. Avoid getting too close to the slab surface and try not to blast away too hard on the joints especially on old patios. A range of anti algae products can be purchased but we suggest you talk to our sales staff before using them. Sealing your patio can reduce the amount of discoloring, but again please speak to our staff to discuss your potential application.

Blackspot Remover may be the answer to getting rid of the stubborn black marks on your patio. Please find a video below showing the product in action and if you have any questions, please ask our staff.

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