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How Much Material Do I Need

How Much Material Do I Need

First measure the length, and width of the area to be covered and then decide how deep you would like the chippings to be. From the measurements work out your cubic meterage. Below are some good ‘rule of thumbs’ for how much material you will need by weight (we sell most of our materials loose by weight).

  • Scalpings 1m³ = 2.2 tonnes
  • Gravel/Chippings 1m³ = 1.4 tonnes
  • Sharp Sand 1m³ = 1.6 tonnes
  • Building Sand 1m³ = 1.4 tonnes
  • 20mm Ballast 1m³ = 1.6 tonnes
  • 40mm Rejects’ 1m³ = 1.4 tonnes

Again a good working ‘rule of thumb’ is that if you put down gravel 1.5 – 2 inches deep, 1 tonne will cover approximately 12m²

For our Aggregate Conversion table which converts cubic yards and metres into tons for a range of different aggregates, please click here.

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