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How Do You Build A Drilled Stone Water Feature

How Do You Build A Drilled Stone Water Feature

You will need to have

  • A sump or tub to hold the water
  • A supporting lid/grid to hold the stone
  • Possibly some blocks to add extra support to the grid
  • Possibly a bag of sand to help level up the sump/tub
  • A pump powerful enough for the height of the stone
  • Some tubing to connect the pump to the stone
  • Possibly a permeable matting to cover the grid
  • Possibly some chippings to go on the matting around the main stone

Dig a hole to the size and depth of your tub. Make sure it is level in the ground. The metal grid then sits over the top of the tub. If you have a large stone you need to add extra support to the grid by putting blocks or bricks underneath it near the centre. Again check the grid is level. The stone is then positioned on the grid with the hose pushed up from underneath. Often the hose will not push up all the way through the stone but ‘locks’ against the sides to form a seal. The other end of the tube is attached to your pump. Give the pump a try before putting down a matting over the grid and spreading cobbles, chippings etc

Remember, that when your stone feature runs the water will splash so your tub needs to be big enough to catch most of this splashing water and re-cycle it otherwise you will always be refilling your feature.

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