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Deliveries From Our Depots

Deliveries From Our Depots

For local deliveries, Rivar Sand & Gravel have a range of vehicles to suit your delivery needs. We offer both a loose tip and bag delivery service to suit your needs. We do our absolute best to tip where specified to make your life easier, but safety is our top priority.  

Our 7.5t loose tipper size vehicles will carry up to 4 tonnes as a full load. To get onto a site it will need access of 9 feet and an area to turn. In addition to this, one of these 7.5 tonne vehicles is fitted with a crane to offload bulk bags. This is ideal for properties with a limited access.

Our large lorry carries up to 9 tonnes of material and can loose tip material but is also mounted with a crane to off load bulk bags or pallets of paving etc. If you need a delivery on this lorry please measure your site access. Ideally the lorry needs an 11 feet access and room to manoeuvre. The lorry is a very similar size to a skip lorry.

When looking to book a crane off delivery please remember the following:

The crane arm will operate a maximum of 12 feet parallel to the side of the vehicle. Bulk bags and pallets are typically only lifted over a maximum of a 4 feet wall or fence. Much higher than this and we can get the items over the obstacle, but not down on the other side.

If you are still concerned that our vehicles will not get into your site or you only want a small amount of material then you are more than welcome to collect from our depots.


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